The Vedic scriptures foretold the dissemination of knowledge on a global scale long before the Illuminati took over to begin their global police state. Listen and learn how on a local scale,  society can thrive and succeed in its function to evolve its members to higher spiritual consciousness.

The song of the 60s to “GET BACK’ to the GARDEN” is exactly what the Vedic scriptures, the writer, Tolkien, the mystic, Nostrodamus, and saints and other visionaries have been warning for longer than 12,000 years (how old Earth is according to mistaken theories), you can be sure of that.


4 thoughts on “Vedic Predictions coming True

  1. Seems a little cryptic. Can you explain what this is supposed to mean?

    Dear Steve,
    I am so new to this blog site stuff and apologize for the time delay, which in ultimate reality doesn’t exist.

    We have plugged our consciousness into a realm that greatly restricts our capabilities as spiritual entities, and has us running a game. We want to enjoy like a king and we want the thrill of conquering others to get there.
    When we wake up to the game we are playing using approved regulated yogic meditation practices, called sadhana, we can engage in this lifetime with a heads-up.

    There are levels to gain access to and foes to thwart. It’s all in the ancient writings out of the East, and specifically the Bhagavad-gita taught by Lord Krishna Himself. This book translated means Song of God so it has quite a few interesting truths to reveal.

  2. Aah yes, ALL predictions for the vedic scriptures have come true, and are on the verge.
    Hope to see you all on the spiritual plane once this yuga passes ;).


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