A relative of a friend committed suicide. He was 47. He had two boys over 15. Someone said, “It was selfish of him.” I thought, “you never went there”. I did. My sister did and she went all the way. (My brother did too really… He took too many drugs but he didn’t leave a note. He just kind of did it slowly over time so we were not so surprised when he finally succeeded.)

 Depression is a state you get your mind to, by feeding it all kinds of wrong things. And you can’t not give your body all the wrong things because that is what you learned to do and decided you liked ~ a lot.

So you are in SUCH a Catch-22.You have a machine, a body, that is going to react to it’s input (association =>people-wise, food-wise, music-wise, movie-wise-=>horror or comedy? Com’on!)

Americans have been fed SO MANY LIES all their lives, how many are going to accept the truth? How could I live with myself unless I found a path leading away from all the horrible history that has taken place on this planet?

The Bhagavad-gita states we are playing a game. The video game is getting booted up and shut down eternally. The creation happens that fast because it just gets shut down and rebooted. The truth is so much more far out than what all these Christians and Muslims and Jews and Zen Buddhists are “oohhhh and ahhhhing”.

And if you want the 5 million dollar home, there is a way to get it. Absolutely. But there is a cost. That’s the way this place works. The star basketball player may be tall, but he still has to get his game down with practice- sacrifice. That is where the power lies. In our time. We all have time. Where do we put it?

People who want their fun NOW will have limited funds to draw on. Sreyash it’s called. Instant gratification.

People who SACRIFICE and use their time to develop a skill or invent a machine and patent it get larger rewards, later down the road . Preyash. Sacrifice for enjoyment later.

Law of this material World ==> Sreyash and Preyash. Immeditate gratification or future happiness at the cost of present sacrifice. Preyash is for those who have matured, passed their tests, learned valuable lessons in previous lives and act in such a manner. The other group end up junkies & alcoholics spawning Varna-sankara (unwanted progeny). Consumers with out of control credit card debts because they were told they can live a rich lifestyle NOW and the consequences of the bills later didn’t get added into the equation.

Suicide means you take your game to a different dimension and level. The ghost plane isn’t fun because you can’t really enjoy like with a physical body on the physical plane in the game. Like just being an onlooker. And some ghosts, not being enlighhtened, don’t even know where they are or what happened, so they’re mad or confused and fearful. It is not a fun dimension to get oneself into in the material world game we’ve decided to play.

The good news is time doesn’t exist so your experience in it will disappear when you get totally unplugged from the game. Death is a done deal though. We all will have Lord Yama and his assisstants staring at us at the Death point of the game and if you didn’t prepare you’re in for a shocker!! Soooo, prepare, silly!

There are specific scientific ways to re-program your body to go from one that acts stupid living in the now, to one that is mature and acts to insure a pleasant future.

Read the Bhagavad-gita at http://www.krishna.com, chapter 14. The Three Modes of Material Nature.

Learn what’s stirring in this field of enjoyment we are plunged into. Learn how to NOT get to a point of suicide.

It IS a deadly game we’re in after all.


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