3-12-06 Radharani took over Krsna’s body saying, “My dearest Dina Bandhu, my jivas are suffering in that Kali Yuga. Enough with the rules and regulations. Give them medicine, relieve them of their sufferings.

GIve them Prema from the Holy Name!

Stop with the qualifications now. Enough.” And Her words bring a cooling blanket of relief like the embrace of Krsna’s cooling arms. (as I read in the Vedic scriptures). They combined to manifest Lord Caitanya as the vehicle to deliver the Prema in Kali Yuga, although Lord Caitanya is Adi Purusa, the Primeval Lord Himself. This is ” Acintya beda beda tattva.”

Radharani took over Krsna’s body and turned it golden. Her Heart melted with His and revealed the Original Absolute Truth of Compassion Personified whose heart is made of a substance even softer and more liquid; bringing a criminal like me home. Slowly. Slowly. “Please forgive me, how slowly I am coming along . . .”



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