“In the Vedic society, although there are meat-eaters, they would eat meat after offering sacrifice to Goddess Kali. Restriction.
Because if you eat meat from the slaughterhouse there is no restriction.
You can go and purchase at any time.

But if you follow the scriptural regulation, they say, “Yes…” It is restriction. It is indirectly saying, “Don’t eat,” but because this less intelligent person will not be able to understand, therefore they are given some permission under certain restriction. This is restriction, that “If you want to eat meat, then you must offer sacrifice to Goddess Kali and then you can.”
And the Goddess Kali is worshiped once in a month.
That means by restriction he will come to his senses; he will give it up.
So sudra, up to sudra, there is possibility of raising him. Although he can see ideal character, it is not that anyone be ideal character like a brahmana.”

Self-awareness MEANS Self-CONTROL

Life MUST include Restrictions . . . “by restriction he will come to his senses”


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