April 2, 2017
Okay Joanne, let’s go head to head on this.. You never look into what I am doing so I don’t have to worry you will EVER read this. You were shocked to learn I would invest in growing marijuana in California? You, who post pictures of soldiers and dead people in countries, just as long as that totally doesn’t affect Your daily life….and your family drinks alcohol as their drug of choice so where DO you think you get a leg to stand on to position yourself higher than TOOO many around you, and in your life? Why do you sanction wars and killing of thousands of innocent animals?

double faced animal personWhy do you support violence on this planet? Harley Davidson is so far removed from the principles our Father and Supreme Father want for us….. why are you supporting those industries by giving them your time and money?

Your Creator works. He has a job. Krishna, the Supreme Personality of the Godhead, does NOT have a job. He is the SUPREME GOD of all gods and demigods, and He does NOT work. Ever.

Balaram + Krishna herd teh cows Annapurna Art

He is busy running around with His friends, playing. Your creator saw this going on when Krishna appeared on this planet 5,000 years ago (BTW_ He, your creator, created a LOT of planets with a LOT of people) and kidnapped His friends to see what He, Krishna would do, and Krishna expanded Himself to cover the missing boys and went home that night to figure out what happened and what to do. He didn’t want the ladies and men and cows to be sp pained that they might die over the great anguish, losing their sons to some demon.
My Supreme Personality of the Godhead, Bhagavan Sri Krishna is the creator of your creator. And He did it without giving it a particle of a thought. He expands Himself and He gets things done. Why was this place created? So what does riding around on a Harley got to do with serving and pleasing God? At your age you should be so much more ivolved with the church and planting seeds in people’s hearts and weeding the seeds of friends you have sown with….so what are you doing besides getting your nails done and shopping at stores for things you don’t really need?

Krishna has scripture that not only details things about the Supreme Personality of the Godhead, that were written 5,000 years ago. And Jesus is documented in those scriptures when he lived in Puri 2,000 years ago. And when he settled in the mid-east after the crucifixion. Hari das Thakura also feigned death when he realized the anxiety it was causing his hired assassins. It is not a trick anymore than flying tons of people and freight in the air. It simply has to do with learning the science and laws going on in this material realm. It is TOTALLY different in the spiritual realm.


Maybe it is time for you to upgrade your understanding of our real, supreme Father in the Spiritual World. He is beyond the heavens of the Bible. And that planet is also documented in the Srimad Bhagavatam. Heaven. Where mango trees are as tall as mountains and they drop their huge, ripe, juicy mangoes into a river of the juice. When the juice dries up on the banks gold is formed and everybody has beautiful ornaments and jewels to decorate themselves. You experience no anxiety in this heavenly realm. And you don’t get old or diseased. It is all documented in the Fifth Canto, chapters 18-22. Chap on “Descriptions of Jambudwip”  is there too.

Brahma Siva Vishnu

The three Lords control creation, destruction and maintenance.


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