In 1965, on the order of his spiritual teacher, guru, A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami, a respectable indian gentleman of 70 years, came over on a freight liner to reveal Vedic knowledge to the Western World. This event was foretold in the Vedic scriptures centuries earlier.


Now America and Europe, and into the continents of Africa, Australia, and even Antartica, have temples established where individuals link-up (Yoga) with their divine creator Sri Bhagavan Lord Krishna.

Lord Krishna has created countless universes and planets, not just the one we are in, and the scriptures give evidence of this. Detailed knowledge covering subjects like Astrology, Astronomy, Medicine, Philosophy, Theology, Physics and Nuclear Science, the list goes on and on, are contained in these books.

Why are the modern academia so interested in re-inventing the wheel?
Because it puts a ribbon on their chest!

We are not getting ahead as a society, we are going in circles!change-look-look-changes

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